Cybersecurity at Waterfront Financial Group

Cybersecurity at Waterfront Financial Group

August 09, 2023

At Waterfront Financial Group, security is built into everything we do, and the protection of sensitive information is critical. Cybersecurity concerns are more prevalent than ever with cybercriminals constantly evolving and using different techniques to commit financial fraud. Our Broker Dealer LPL Financial also takes Cybersecurity seriously.

A message from LPL Financial:

At LPL, we take the security and privacy of our financial products seriously and embed security into the conception, design, and implementation of our platforms. LPL tools are only available to LPL clients. We build these tools with security at the forefront:

  • Sensitive data is secured, masked, and encrypted where applicable to provide a secure experience.
  • Design, architecture, and code reviews are performed to ensure industry best practices and adherence to LPL polices.
  • Regular scanning for vulnerabilities is performed on the products, environment, and supporting infrastructure.
  • Penetration testing is completed by third-party experts.
  • Recurring patching and modernization are implemented regularly.
  • Fraud alerts placed on user profiles if suspicious activity is identified.

Visit LPL's cybersecurity hub to access resources on topics including:

  1. Passwords
  2. Mobile Device Security
  3. Keeping Your Computer Safe
  4. Protecting Your Identity 
  5. Avoiding Cyber Attacks and Scams

Click Here to Visit the Cybersecurity Hub