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Are you filling this out for Single or Household?
What is your annual income (before taxes are taken out of your paycheck) this year?
Net worth: Total up all of your assets, including real estate - then (minus liabilities including mortgage)
Total amount of money you systematically (intentionally) save towards retirement this year
Current total debt: mortgage, student loans, credit cards, personal and auto loans
Premature Death Protection (Yourself):
Total current death benefit including group insurance
Premature Death Protection (Spouse):
Total current death benefit including group insurance
Disability Protection
Do you have paycheck protection if you were to get sick or hurt? Through your employer and/or individually, supplemental?
Long Term Care Care (If Over 54)
Do you have an umbrella policy?
Estate Plan
Do you have an estate plan? (will, power of attorney, health care directive)
Account Aggregation
Do you use aggregation software (Mint, Quicken, WealthVision, eMoney, etc.)
College Fund
If you have kids, do you have funds set aside for college?
Age-Based Savings


Net Worth to Income Ratio

Premature Death Protection

Debt to Income Ratio

Disability Protection


Account Aggregation

Liability Protection

Estate Plan

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