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Cybercrime Prevention

August 19, 2021

Jeff Lanza, A Retired FBI Special Agent and Key Note Speaker learned the tricks of the criminal mind, uses real life FBI cases to inform, entertain and keep people safe in a world of new and emerging threats. Jeff uses humor and his in-depth knowledge to discuss preventing cybercrime and identity theft.

Click Here to Download Jeff Lanza's Cybercrime Prevention Tips Handout with: 

  1. Simple Cybercrime Safeguards
  2. Common Cybercrime Scams
  3. How to Prevent Cybercrime
  4. How to Prevent Identity Theft 

Women, Money & Power

May 20, 2021

Do you have a financial strategy?
Do you have a financial personality?
What does your financial future look like?

Start to answer these questions and learn more about the financial steps you can take to feel stronger and more in control of your finances this year!

Presented by Aimee Johnson, Vice President, Advanced Markets and Solutions with Allianz Life Financial Services

Aimee Johnson and Allianz Life Financial Services is not affiliated with or endorsed by LPL Financial and Waterfront Financial Group. Securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC. There is no assurance that the techniques and strategies discussed are suitable for all investors or will yield positive outcomes. The purchase of certain securities may be required to effect some of the strategies. Investing involves risks including possible loss of principal.

Family Love Letter

Family Love Letter

March 11, 2021
Dealing with the death or the disability of a loved one is stressful; not knowing what to do with the deceased’s finances in the aftermath imposes an additional burden on a family.

The Family Love Letter® is an intergenerational wealth transfer program designed to help in what is often a time of confusion. It is a roadmap that employs a “storytelling” process to gather pertinent information. The goal is to help minimize the types of inadvertent mistakes that often occur during times of turmoil.

The Dark Web

The Dark Web

January 14, 2021
Webinar attendees learned about the intricate and mysterious world of the “Dark Web” with a renowned cybersecurity expert Mark Lanterman. 

Mark is the Chief Technology Officer at Computer Forensic Services. Before entering the private sector, Mark was a member of the U. S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Taskforce. Mark has 28 years of security and forensic experience and has testified in over 2000 cases.

Disruptive Technologies 

Disruptive Technologies

October 27, 2020
ARK Investments spoke on the 3 Big Ideas of 2020. They focused on streaming media, digital wallets, and autonomous ride-hailing. We found out what the technologies are, why they are considered disruptive, the impact of these breakthroughs and the opportunities they will create in the next decade.